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Production of automotive interior, including automotive seat and headrest, has rigid requirment on foaming effect, especially for the matertial ratio and flow rate. Over 20 years, Maron has become one of the most reliable equipment manufacturers in the sector of automotive interior, supplying foaming machines to most first-class listed companies in the automotive field in China and overseas. Maron offer the automotive interior industry advanced production system, and has always been focused on innovation, developing cutting edge solutions.

Supporting services

01 Customization and Production

Design technical solutions suitable for customers based on their actual needs, efficiently produce systems, and shorten equipment delivery cycles

02 Installation and training

Provide on-site installation and debugging services, provide on-site training services to guide customer staff in operating equipment

03 Accessories and Maintenance

Establish a regional maintenance center, provide timely maintenance services, self produce accessories, have sufficient inventory, and have reasonable prices

Three Advantages

Technical support

The main drafter of the general technical conditions for national standard polyurethane equipment Accumulation of core technology for foam machine equipment in the past 30 years Technical background groups from China, Germany, and the United States Mastering high-precision machining and highly sensitive electrical control technology

Environmental protection and safety

United Nations Environment Programme invited environmental technology manufacturers Expert group for CO2 water foaming spray technology appraisal Freon/141b alternative technology equipment supplier Over 10 years of research and development and manufacturing of cyclopentane foaming machines

Global coverage

Our products cover multiple countries and regions in China, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Africa Local operation and maintenance team, responsive and timely Remote maintenance system, intelligent online monitoring Having good international competitiveness and long-term maintenance service capabilities


From 2007 to 2023, we have provided environmental protection technology solutions for polyurethane foaming machines for 210+ enterprises in different industries


Home appliance industry

Household refrigerator production Commercial refrigerators Commercial display cabinet Water heater production

Cold chain industry

Cold storage board Refrigerated truck Refrigerated container Insulation box

Constructing materials

Insulation Panel Insulated pipeline Interval sheet production Continuous sheet production

Automobile industry

Automotive Interior Car seat cushions, headrests Car Carpet Car steering wheel

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Automotive interior foam line

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For the past 30 years, we have focused on the design, research and development, and production manufacturing of polyurethane high-pressure foaming machines, cyclopentane foaming machines, and foaming machine production lines.

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