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Maron Mechantronics Engineering(Chengdu)Co.,Ltd has been focusing on the research and development production and manufacturing of polyurethane high-pressure foaming machines for the past 30 years

  • Foam machine mixing head (gun head)

    MH series high-pressure foaming machine mixing head

    MCD series mixing head

    Dual density high-pressure mixing head

    Customized foaming machine

Characteristics of the mixing head of the foaming machine

Good cyclopentane foaming effect

Adjustable large piston turbulence design with dual tilt angle injection Improving mixing efficiency, especially suitable for cyclopentane foaming

500000 trouble-free runs

The mixing head is made of high-quality materials and craftsmanship, which is reliable and durable and can run over 500000 times without any faults

Anti jamming design

AEFA patented anti jamming design effectively prevents the mixing head from getting stuck

Anti pollution design

Structural design of transition section Preventing hydraulic pollution


Sleep timed automatic cleaning Prevent curing adhesion

Personalized demand design

Based on user usage scenarios Customized Design Special Mixing Head

Application cases

From 2007 to 2023, over 1200 foaming machine projects have been completed, covering fields such as home appliances, cold chain, construction, and automobiles

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From 2007 to 2023, we have provided environmental protection technology solutions for polyurethane foaming machines for 210+ enterprises in different industries


Home appliance industry

Household refrigerator production Commercial refrigerators Commercial display cabinet Water heater production

Cold chain industry

Cold storage board Refrigerated truck Refrigerated container Insulation box

Constructing materials

Insulation Panel Insulated pipeline Interval sheet production Continuous sheet production

Automobile industry

Automotive Interior Car seat cushions, headrests Car Carpet Car steering wheel

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Foam Machines

Refrigerator and freezer foam line

Water heater foaming line

Foam mixing head

Automotive interior foam line

Insulation pipe foam line

Foam accessories

Insulation/Cold Storage Panel Foam Line


For the past 30 years, we have focused on the design, research and development, and production manufacturing of polyurethane high-pressure foaming machines, cyclopentane foaming machines, and foaming machine production lines.

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