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Maron Mechantronics Engineering(Chengdu)Co.,Ltd (hereafter called Maron) has been dedicated to design and manufacture PU machinary for over 20 years. Maron has various polyurethane equipments, including High Pressure Polyurethane Foaming Machine, Foaming Production Line, High  Pressure Cyclopentane Foaming Machine, 245 High Pressure Foaming Machine. Over the years, Maron has been adhering to advanced design concepts, continuous independent innovation and mastering core technology. And we have very strong ability of electrical automation control and high precision mechanical technology.

Over the past 10 years, more than 1200 polyurethane foam machine projects have been completed in total

Service has been delivered to over 210+ companies

Drafting unit of national polyurethane foaming machine equipment general technology industry standard

The core team includes technology talents with technical backgrounds from China, Germany, the United States, and other countries

Services cover multiple countries and regions such as China, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Africa

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For the past 30 years, we have focused on polyurethane high-pressure foaming machines, and cyclopentane high-pressure foaming machines/245 high-pressure foaming machines.

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Application cases

From 2007 to 2023, over 1200 foaming machine projects have been completed, covering fields such as home appliances, cold chain, construction, and automobiles

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From 2007 to 2023, we have provided environmental protection technology solutions for polyurethane foaming machines for 210+ enterprises in different industries


Home appliance industry

Household refrigerator production Commercial refrigerators Commercial display cabinet Water heater production

Cold chain industry

Cold storage board Refrigerated truck Refrigerated container Insulation box

Constructing materials

Insulation Panel Insulated pipeline Interval sheet production Continuous sheet production

Automobile industry

Automotive Interior Car seat cushions, headrests Car Carpet Car steering wheel

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Foam Machines

Refrigerator and freezer foam line

Water heater foaming line

Foam mixing head

Automotive interior foam line

Insulation pipe foam line

Foam accessories

Insulation/Cold Storage Panel Foam Line


For the past 30 years, we have focused on the design, research and development, and production manufacturing of polyurethane high-pressure foaming machines, cyclopentane foaming machines, and foaming machine production lines.

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